Yes, I shoot weddings as well! Though, if it is not for a close family or friend, I usually get hired on for a wedding as a second shooter. It’s a really great opportunity to not only practice your skills on a full day timeline and fast-paced environment, but you also have no added pressure to edit and get your photos to the clients within a short timeframe!

When it’s time for the sweetheart bride & groom hour, and granted you are shooting with a first who give you the chance; shooting as a second gives you the freedom to be creative and experiment with photo-ready subjects in a photogenic background. This is your time to direct how you like them and the goal is to get beautiful shots. Can’t be better than that!

If anyone is interested in wedding photography, starting as a second shooter is the best way to start. I always thought it was very intimidated by the pressure of getting “the perfect shot” in a live setting where you only have a millisecond to get that shot and then it’s over and gone. Though with many weddings in my experience now and more to come, each one gets just a bit easier as you know what kind of schedule to expect, but each one is unique of its own.