She being an avid traveller we needed something different than the typical beachy californian location. She knew exactly what she wanted, and I must say it was perfect! A mountainous wild-flower filled off-road fit just the vibe and her sweet personality. It wasn’t a very long shoot just the right amount of time to catch that beautiful golden hour light. It was a great experience capturing another photographer because we typically aren’t in front of the camera so it was great practice for not only her, but for me as well. It was a chance for me to be open and bounce ideas back and forth and for her to know the urgency for thinking, or remembering, poses and speaking directions on the fly. I cannot wait for our next shoot, and knowing her and I it would be very soon to come!

I love exploring new locations with friends or on my own. I get so much inspiration from it and to know I can bookmark it for a future photoshoot location. I’m truly appreciative of my fellow photographer friends who know unique places around close to where we are in the San Fernando Valley. It really quite is a city with a wide variety of looks, from the tropical SoCal beach to a desert landscape. On this particular shoot, my very good friend Melissa (Insta: melysalmphoto) asked me to shoot her some updated headshots for her own photography business and as a fellow female photographer of course I was delighted to do it.